How many highlights and statistics are there for the Milan Derby on Sunday morning? The previous articles introduced a few figures in Milan: for the first time in 22 years there was no derby with a South American player; 23 consecutive rounds of Serie A scored this century's record, chasing the record of 29 consecutive kills 48 years ago; the first 3 consecutive wins since 1971 Not conceded. The actual performance is strong. What will happen to Inter Milan, the Serie A scoring team with the highest net spending this summer?


1. Since Suning took control of Inter Milan in 2016, Serie A has been unbeaten with 5 wins and 3 draws in the Milan derby. Only lost in overtime in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia 2017/18 season. Moreover, since the league has killed Milan four consecutive times, that is, since the two major powers of China and the United States hold two teams, Suning has maintained a complete victory against Elliott, 3-2 and 1-0 in the 2018/19 season, and 2-0 and 4 last season. 2 major reversals. Inter Milan has performed better than Milan in recent years, but the number of fans on the three major Western social networks is not as good as Milan.

1.自从苏宁在2016年控制国际米兰以来,意甲一直保持不败,在米兰德比大战中取得了5胜3平的战绩。仅在2017/18赛季意大利杯四分之一决赛中加班输了。此外,由于联赛连续四次杀死米兰,也就是说,自中美两个大国举行两队比赛以来,苏宁在2018/2018赛季以3比2和1比0保持了对埃利奥特的全面胜利。 19个赛季,上个赛季2-0和4。 2次重大逆转。近年来,国际米兰的表现要好于米兰,但西方三大社交网络上的粉丝数量却不及米兰。

2. Conte has won all derby in Italy since he took charge: Turin derby 4 times and Milan derby 2 times. Coach has never lost against Milan, 11 games with 8 wins and 3 draws.


3. Milan's last derby win was 3-0 in January 2016, nearly 4 years ago. The last time I won Inter Milan in an away game was 10 years ago. In 2010, 1-0, Ibrahimovic scored a penalty goal. Later, Milan won the championship and broke the Inter monopoly.

3.米兰的最后一场德比战胜利是在近4年之前的2016年1月3-0。我上一次在客场比赛中赢得国际米兰的比赛是10年前。 2010年,伊布以1-0进球。后来,米兰赢得了冠军,打破了国米的垄断。

4. Compared with the Derby in February this year, Milan’s lineup is more stable and only replaces two starting players: right back and left forward. Inter Milan has to replace 7 starting players due to 6 positive players, Sensi suspension and Vecino injury. Goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 fullbacks, 1 midfielder, 1 striker, and only retain the 4 main players of DeVry, Brozovic, Lukaku and Varela.


"Gazzetta dello Sport" predicts: Eriksson, the national team's three-game losing streak, will be left to play Borussia in the Champions League next week. Sanchez has a high probability of injury, Inter Milan's substitutes are limited, only Eriksson, Pinamonti, Damian can be dispatched in the midfield, even if Bastoni sits on the bench, little change in attack. Inter are not as good as Milan's bench players: Leo, Dias, Little Maldini, Colombo, Tonali, Kronic. Inter Milan's lineup advantage turned into a disadvantage in the Derby game.

《 Gazzetta dello Sport》预测:国家队三连败的埃里克森下周将留给欧洲冠军联赛参赛。桑切斯受伤的可能性很高,国际米兰的替补球员数量有限,即使巴斯托尼坐在替补席上,进攻也不会改变,只有埃里克森,皮纳蒙特,达米安可以在中场派遣。国米不如米兰的替补球员:利奥,迪亚斯,小马尔蒂尼,科伦坡,托纳利,克朗尼克。国际米兰的阵容优势在德比比赛中变成了劣势。

5. The power of double centers. Ibrahimovic and Lukaku had similar scoring rates in Serie A last season. The Swedes had 10 goals in 18 games and the Belgians had 23 goals in 36 games. In the first year of Serie A, Lukaku scored in both derby rounds. Ibrahimovic passed a shot in the second round and helped to lead 2-0 at halftime. Ibrahimovic played 10 Milan derby games in all competitions in his career, scoring 7 goals (Inter 2 + Milan 5). In Milan's 5 derby games, he only won 2 times, the 2011 Beijing Bird's Nest Italian Super Cup 2-1 and the league 1-0, both times he was decisive. Both centers have a high probability of scoring.

5.双中心的力量。上赛季伊布拉希莫维奇和卢卡库的意甲得分相近。瑞典人在18场比赛中有10个进球,比利时人在36场比赛中有23个进球。在意甲的第一年,卢卡库在两轮德比战中都得分。易卜拉欣火狐app官网莫维奇在第二轮通过了一杆,并在半场比赛中以2-0领先。易卜拉欣莫维奇职业生涯在所有比赛中踢了10场米兰德比比赛,打进7球(国际2 +米兰5)。在米兰的5次德比比赛中,他仅赢了2次,2011年北京鸟巢意大利超级杯2-1和联赛1-0,这两次他都是决定性的。两个中心都有很高的得分机会。

Inter Milan scored 10 goals and lost 6 goals in the first 3 rounds, Milan lost 7-0. Inter Milan averages 64% of possession and Milan 57%. Inter Milan crossed 18.3 feet, Milan 12 feet.


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